Recruitment Partner Who Understand the IT Business

GS Careers’ strong focus on IT industry has being instrumental in building a depth of knowledge about the industry, it’s players, trends & nature of the business it self. It differentiate us from regular recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka. 

Technology moves in much faster pace than the other industries & we are accustomed to grasp the changes swiftly & our team make the best effort to understand the pulses of the industry to cater our valued customers better.

We do understand the competitive nature of the IT business & the impact of the Human Capital towards the success our clients & their projects. Our team is accustomed to work relentlessly until we find the candidates best suited to your requirement irrespective of the effort we have to put.

Talent Beyond Borders

Our exposure beyond borders help us to have a better exposure to Sri Lankan IT community based in other countries. There are such professionals waiting for a right opportunity to return to Sri Lanka. Working with us you will be able to tap in to such experts with global exposure.

Candidates who have worked overseas has better capacity to understand the overseas clients & their culture such a blend in will improve the harmony in collaboration.

Substantial amount of Sri Lankans work in Australia, US, UK, Canada & Singapore where IT industry is advanced. GS Careers team has extensive reachability to connect them with your organisation. 

International Standards in Sri Lanka

GS Careers originated in Singapore & we bring that competitiveness & high standards to Sri Lankan IT recruitment. Our recruitment approach & processes and interviewing methodologies are fine tuned with such global influence which help us tap the best IT professionals in much shorter time. 

Our team accustomed have high regards for time, maintain highest ethical standards; further we prioritise customers requirements first & accustomed to deliver in high pressure environment.

Best Practices in Rectuitment

With our extensive reachability to the industry & candidate database we are better positioned source the ideal tech talent.

We will search for the perfect match based on the demanded roles, do the pre screening includes competency & character evaluation depend on the desire of our valued clients.

IT industry is project driven & GS Careers thrive on tight deadlines. We understand the nature of the project based business & with us you will be able to build a team with shortest time possible. With our deep routes in Sri Lankan tech community we will be able to assist you build your dream team swiftly allowing you to deliver projects on time.